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DIY Credit Repair Kit

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to commit to 6 months or more of payments for credit repair. Not everyone can afford it.
So, I thought to myself, how can I help those customers?
The answer was a Do-ItYourself option for my clients.
This DIY book was written simple enough for the average consumer to understand, JAM PACKED full of credit education and resources. It even includes the basic letters you will need!

Bankruptcy Breakthrough

Bankruptcy does not have to be the end of your financial future for the next 10 years. There is life after filing bankruptcy, and it begins here! With persistence, you can recover your credit in as little as 12 months. You can even qualify for low interest loans, mortgages, and refinances in 24 months. This E-book is jam packed with the education needed to understand your current situation, as well as, the tips to begin your bankruptcy recovery!

Bankruptcy Guide Mockup

12-Month Financial Planner

Financial literacy doesn’t have to be hard. The trick is learning the basics; budgeting and saving. These 2 simple actions are the core components of money management. This 12-month financial planner will guide and teach you how to tell your  money what to do, rather than your money telling you what to you.

Making Sense of Credit for Kids

Main character, Jayvee, walks your child through some of the basic concepts of credit, saving, and budgeting with their own earned money. Jam packed with credit education and learning activities, this book is a great start to begin the conversation of financial literacy with your babies!