Strategic moves financial solutions

about Us

Strategic Moves Financial Solutions is a credit restoration and financial education company. It is a small business that caters to the individuals within the community who are ready to begin the path towards financial literacy.  We specialize in utilizing only legal methods to locate and dispute inaccuracies on your credit report, as well as, offering techniques and options to build your credit simultaneously. After being an unofficial financial coach for close friends and family, the owner, Jamie Blair, established this company in 2019 with the mission to improve the gap of financial literacy within her community, while offering her expertise to individuals beyond her social network. 


What People Say

Professional, Prompt, Respectful, and knowledgeable. Not only does she help you fix and build your credit, she teaches you how to maintain it. Would definitely recommend to anyone seeking credit help.
Kevin Toney
Highly knowledgeable, professional services. Not only can Strategic Moves help you fix your credit, she gives you and/or others the knowledge needed to maintain or fix your credit yourself. There are new services being added as well! Jamie can fulfill your Notary needs.
Daysha Lewis
About us

Credit Repair Service you can trust

Here at Strategic Moves Financial Solutions, we pride ourselves on allowing you to make the decision that serves you best. You will not be pressured into signing up for the monthly program if it is not financially sensible for you. Instead, we will offer you an alternative, which will be the Do-It-Yourself option. This is an affordable 12-step process that will allow you to complete the work yourself.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide ethical service to all clients while they’re on the journey to financial literacy. We simply want you to excel in accomplishing your financial goals, and we’ll do everything within our power to get you to the finish line.